Tuesday Headaches….

As you know today started out good…..don’t get me wrong it is still a good day but I wanted to talk about 18-wheelers!!! Grrrr, they make me so mad when I see them flying down the freeway going 70+mph…..and in the middle lane! Are you kidding me! Between those guys and people not signaling….What is your view on 18-wheelers?

Tonight is the Biggest Loser finale, and I am psyched! I have been watching BL for a LONG time and this is always the finale is always so much fun to watch. If you have never watched the show you really should – it is very inspiring and really make you want to try and do better. For those of you who do watch, do you ever notice you will be watching BL and you realize “I am eating dessert”, lol. I have done that so many times…it actually makes me feel guilty. The way that this fits in with the “headache” topic is the frustrating I feel when I see these contestants that have lost massive amounts of weight and then tell us they are in a size 4 when clearly they do not look that size! As a woman it is irritating. This is how the young girls of today end up starving themselves!!! My mom and I always talk about this and it gets us both up in arms. What is your view on this?

I won’t blog any more today because of the Finale of BL tonight and I also have my gym workout. I will see ya’ll tomorrow! Have a good one – bring on Wednesday!


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