Race Recap – Run Girl Half Marathon 12/11/11

Good Afternoon!
I thought I would bring ya’ll up to speed on my most recent race that I completed. The Run Girl Half Marathon is an all women half marathon put on by Tri Girl Sports. I knew I really wanted to do this race when I saw the medal aka “race bling” from last year. Take a look at this years medal, and tell me what woman would not want one of these. It is too cute!

Anyway……it really worked out in my favor that this race fell on a weekend when I was available. The time that I do have in December is little and far between, so I was psyched!!!

The race was held out in Deussen Park right near Lake Houston. I was really concerned because of how chilly the day was. When I left my house that morning it said that it was 42 degrees, but by the time I got the site it was 40. Add the wind chill in and I am sure it was about 35 or so when we started.

The run was beautiful, probably one of the most scenic I have run to date. It was a flat course with only a few minor inclines. There was one decline that I LOVED…..but don’t we ALL love the declines? It was a 2 loop course with the 2nd loop being just a tad bit shorter than the 1st. I have to say that after the first loop I was getting tired….but seeing one of my best friends Ashley at the turnaround just made me smile and push harder. For anyone who is a runner it means the world to have people you know out there cheering you on. Thanks Ashley for braving the cold and wind to cheer me on!!! Love Ya!

The people along the race route were so wonderful and god bless all of those water station crew, which even provided kleenex for our running noses!

All in all finishing this race was very exhilirating, I think because for me this was my 7th Half Marathon this year. My year was so productive and I really grew as a runner, so I am extremely proud of myself.

I am REALLY looking forward to 2012 – I already have 3 races booked, 1 in January, 1 in February and 1 in March – all half marathons. In between these races I plan on beginning my training for a full marathon. The plan is to run my first full in 2013.

For anyone who has running a half marathon on their bucket list I really push you to try and complete this. It is an AMAZING feeling when you cross that finish line at your first half, I know it was for me. You are tired and worn out but so full of excitement and emotion. If it is a goal of yours make it a reality, start training today, 1 mile at a time….you will be there in no time.

FINISH TIME: 1:58:20
AGE GROUP (30-34): 25/161 (top 15.5%)
OVERALL: 126/874 (top 14.4%)


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