About pegmyster

My name is Peggi and I am new to the blogging world. I have been married for 8 years to Neal and we have a almost 6 year old little boy names Lukas. I work full time in insurance, love to cook, love to hit the gym several times a week, but most of all I love to do half marathons as often as I can. I thought that this would be the best way to discuss my runs, workouts and also my cooking & recipes. I hope to help inspire other busy moms out there to get those sneakers on and also to create healthy dinners for themselves and their families!

Breakfast . . . .

Happy Tuesday to all of you!
This morning started off pretty good….getting Lukas up wasn’t so hard and I enjoyed by normal everyday breakfast of Fiber Plus Cinnamon Oat Crunch Cereal topped off with skim milk.

If you are a cereal person & love cinnamon (like me), then you really need to check this cereal out. It looks a lot like Cherrios but the crunch factor on this one is phenomenal. I notice that Fiber One doesn’t get soggy in milk, it really retains its crunch. Super yum! I have been eating it for a LONG time now and I still manage to love it every morning!!!


Welcome Everyone!

Hi all, welcome to Sneakers N’ Snacks! My hope with this blog is to inspire everyone to get those sneakers on and go for a jog or even just to go and get a good 20 minutes of some activity in every day, and to also enjoy cooking healthy meals & snacks. I myself am a working mom of one but I manage to get my 4 workouts in a week (depending on the week) and also to cook for my family almost every night.

A little background information on myself to help you get to know the real “me”. I have always loved being active. In highschool I was a member of the colorguard….yes I was a classified as a band nerd since I was part of the band. But you know what? Being a band “nerd” was great when I look back. I made some wonderful friends and learned an incredibly hard “sport”. Actually, when colorguard was over in the Fall we would move inside, where it would be called Winterguard. It was referred to as “the sport of the arts”. I was not only involved in throwing flags, rifles & sabres in the air but I also had to dance as well (that part I was not very good at, I was not made flexible at all). Overall, it was a very important part of my life and it kept me very active. I went off to college at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX (go Bulldogs!), where I had grand plans of joining the cross country team. This soon faded as I met my husband Neal, and eventually moved back to the Houston area to attend the University of Houston for my last two years.

Working out really began for me after my 15 months bout with hives. Yes, you read right, 15 months! Yes this is even crazy for me to think about now…..long story short it was an allergic reaction to a medication and it took 15 months to kick it to the curb. I ended up gaining 30lbs in water weight off steriods I was taking……so this is what lead to some major workout time. I was able to get the 30lbs off by rollerblading many, many miles. Of course, once Neal & I were engaged I began really working out to look awesome in that wedding dress (as we all do).

Here I am today, a mom, a wife & a half marathoner. There is much more to tell on how I got to be able to say I am a half marathoner, but that can come later. I really want to try and help those of you who are interested in working out and even just looking for some support or maybe that swift kick in the pants to get you started. I have lots of wonderful recipes to share that are great for those of us working moms. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat healthy ALL the time but I try, and actually I want to try harder.

I look forward to hearing from all of you. I will try to post each day but as you know in this day and age that may be some hard shoes to fill. Take care everyone and I will talk to all of you soon.